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Inspection of the anti loosing performance of the nut with flange face

The anti loosing performance of nut is tested by vibration experiment. For comparison, we also test the anti loosing performance of standard nut, nut + washer, standard double nut, press three-point nut and nylon nut. All tests are carried out in accordance with the national standard GB / T 10431-1989 lateral vibration test method for fasteners. The experimental conditions are also identical, that is, the size of the test nut is M16 × 2.0, the performance level is 10, the vibration frequency is 12.5hz, the vibration amplitude is 1.6mm, and the vibration force is 8.2kn-flange nut.

After the vibration of standard nut, nut + washer, standard double nut and compression three-point nut starts, the axial force decays to 0 within 200 seconds. The disappearance of the axial force indicates that the nut is loose and invalid. The axial force of nylon nut decreases rapidly from the beginning of vibration, and remains unchanged after 20KN. The overall axial force decreases by 70.5%. This shows that the performance of nylon nut is slightly better than the previous four kinds of nuts. However, since the start of vibration, the axial force of the locknut has only a slight attenuation. The axial force remains more than 60kn in the whole vibration cycle, and the overall attenuation of the axial force is less than 10%. The anti loosening effect basically remains the initial state. It can be seen that the locking performance of nut is better than other nuts - flange nut.

Application of locknut of flange nut

In recent years, the medical profession has adopted the method of plate fixation for fracture treatment. The most important challenge of this method is the reliability and durability of plate fixation. That is to say, after the bone plate is installed and cured, it will experience more than millions of stress activities. The screw thread technology has been successfully applied to the locking upper flange nut of the screw of the bone plate.

Thread technology has gradually entered many fields, including aircraft, automobile, train, railway, ship, construction, machinery, oil, agricultural machinery, electricity, military industry, medical equipment, etc. This is a successful example of the successful application of American aerospace technology to civil industry. It is a revolution of traditional screw technology flange nut.

With the increasing number of users and the expanding application scope of locknuts in China, there are some new application examples. In order to facilitate the promotion and use of users, the above seven examples are listed for the reference of users.