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Focus on fasteners for more than 20 years, providing a one-stop solution

Zhejiang Youwei Fastener Co., Ltd

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About us

Zhejiang Youwei Fastener Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, production and sales of high-end fasteners, standard nuts and special-shaped cold heading parts. The plant site is located at 1350 Binhai 1st Road, Binhai Park, Wenzhou, with more than 700 employees, a production capacity of 50000 tons / year and a plant area of 66000 square meters.

To ensure the high-quality needs of customers, the company is equipped with cold heading, numerical control, stamping, red stamping, machining, raw material drawing, heat treatment, electroplating one-stop service, and has successively introduced more than 500 sets of testing and production equipment from Japan, Switzerland, the United States and Taiwan.

Zhejiang Youwei Fastener Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells metal lock nuts, lock nuts, nylon lock nuts, nylon lock flange nuts, nylon flange lock nuts, nylon flange lock nuts, welding nuts, square welding nuts, welding square nuts, hexagon welding nuts, welding hexagon nuts, flange welding nuts, flange welding nuts, welding nuts, welding Connect flange nut, combination nut, washer combination nut, non-standard nut, high-strength nut, thick nut, high nut, mechanical washer, mechanical washer, high-strength washer, thickened washer, tire nut, stainless steel tire nut, car tire nut, car tire nut, etc.

In order to better and timely serve customers, we have more than 10 offices and warehouses in China: Qingdao, Huangdao, Dalian, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shunde, Wuxi, Hefei, Guizhou, etc.

The company has passed ISO / TS16949 and ISO9001 international certification. Independent import and export rights.

Production specification: m1-m36.

Materials used: ML08Al, ML10, swrch10a, SWRCH15A, swrch18a, SWRCH22A, 10B21, 10b33, swrch35k, swrch45k, ml20cr, ml40cr, SCM420, SCM435, scm440, ML20MnTiB, etc.

Production standards: GB, Q, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BS, ISO and non-standard fasteners.

Product grade: Grade 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.

Surface treatment: trivalent blue white zinc, trivalent color zinc, trivalent black zinc, trivalent green zinc, trivalent golden yellow zinc, zinc nickel alloy (natural color, black, blue), military green, Dacromet, jumette, jumette, luchubao, mecali, nickel plating, brass plating, copper plating, chromium plating, tin plating, silver plating, lead tin alloy, mechanical zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing, etc.

Application: automobile, motorcycle, home appliance, robot, construction machinery, construction, mechanical equipment, iron tower industry, etc.

Technological process: rough drawing, spheroidization, pickling and phosphating, fine drawing, cold heading, machining, tapping, heat treatment, electroplating, selection, packaging, warehousing and delivery.

Quality control: 1. Incoming inspection of raw materials: acid corrosion, cold forging, spectral analysis.

2 material spheroidization: metallographic analysis of structure, grade and hardness.

3 material fine drawing: outer diameter, thickness, hardness, metallographic analysis, appearance.

4 cold heading: appearance size, appearance beauty, whether there is crack, metallographic analysis, projector.

5 machining: appearance size, appearance beauty, metallographic analysis, projector.

6 tapping: go no go gauge, internal hole size, tooth pattern clarity, and whether there are rotten teeth.

7 heat treatment: adjust the temperature, go no go gauge, hardness, metallographic analysis and load protection according to different materials.

8 galvanizing: coating thickness, go no go gauge, appearance, salt spray test.

9 packaging: full size inspection, go no go gauge, appearance, coating thickness, appearance, salt spray test, load protection, material analysis, manual selection or image screening.

10 delivery: unpacking inspection, appearance discoloration, salt spray test, quantity.

Testing equipment: spectrum analyzer, tensile tester, coating thickness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, microscope, projector, salt spray tester, etc. (all equipment production countries: Germany, Sweden, Japan, the United States).